What works – and what doesnt!

Our 3 week shakedown has allowed us to find out which of our ideas and purchases work – and which dont.

Top of the tree is undoubtedly “Cruising Galicia  ‘ by  Carlos Rojas and Robert Bailey – quite simply the best pilot book we have ever used . It was much more  than just a pilot , being an introduction to the culture , climate and food , all of which made it interesting  as well as informative and undoubtedly added to our enjoyment of the area. Our only criticism was that it made no mention of the new requirements for permission to visit the outer islands – but no doubt this information ( you need to get the documentation  months in advance if our experience is anything to go by ) would have been in the updates had we bothered to look them out.

Next came the humble Croc , those bizarre plastic shoes that I have avoided like the plague for years.  I had yet to find a boat  shoe that was practical and didnt smell like something had died when they got wet – and now I have. They are warm , comfortable , completely at home in the water  , have good grip on the deck and I feel rather foolish about being so snooty about them in the past.

The Monitor wind vain does exactly what it says on the tin – is reassuringly robust and understandable – and I love it. Our Raymarine autopilot is  even better ( it is in fact astonishing ) but it IS electronic and therefore can go wrong – even if it has performed pefectly for 2 years . With both on hand its like sailing with 3 extra crewmen.

I was deeply suspicious of the holding tank – but it has performed faultlessly – and more importantly without odour. It is lovely not to have to worry about bespoiling beautiful anchorages – so thumbs up to Tek Tanks and their classy product.

The solar panels work well , the Adverc smart charger and 90 amp hour alternator mean we only charge once a day ( perhaps its a bit early to sing the praises of this kit  even if it looks good so far –  and the company could do with some lessons about how to deal with folk less knowledgeable than themselves without putting their backs up!).

We havnt needed the watermaker yet – even tho we have tested it out. I guess it will come into its own on a long crossing or when water is less readily available than it is in Europe.

Which brings me to computers – which are ridiculously difficult , temperamental and by far the greatest source of aggravation so far! Watch this space to see if it is cured – or ceremoniously eviscerated!


  1. All sounding wonderful and I am about to try and bury my snobbishness and get some Crocs too. Janet, my sister had a pair of quite elegant ladies sandals made by them too and wore them constantly when she came away on the boat last Christmas. She got them online I believe. With regard to computers, you really must get over your primitive aversion to Apple products. I own a car … two in fact and I rarely look under the bonnet – don’t have to these days. The same applies to computers when you use the right brand.
    Take care and our love to all in Hamble.

  2. Ah John , we have finally cracked the computer problem . It wasnt us after all – and the software guys at the server had to write some new software to make their product work on the new computer.

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