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Return of the Gribaholic

From Stad Amsterdam We first crossed the North Sea in September 1974 , in Undine , a 90 year old racing cutter that was a bit hairy in a Solent blow , let alone out in the North Sea around the equinox. 38 years later our boat was infinitely more seaworthy but the seasonal weather […]

Donner und Blitzen

Of all the waters we have sailed on this year , the North Friesian coast is the area that I have the greatest respect for . The passage along it has a crowded shipping lane to the North and low sandy islands to the South. There are harbours of refuge along the way , but […]

Something is Dangerous in the State of Denmark

Over the years I can safely say that our pootling around on Festina is usually pretty much risk free , but lately I there is little doubt we have been putting ourselves in real danger! I refer of course to our intensive study of Danish pastries . After 2 weeks of hazardous exposure I can […]

Feast or Famine in Denmark

From denmark It has been feast or famine this last week as far as the weather goes. Progress from Copenhagen was slow to say the least , drifting up the Sound to the island of Ven with less than 5 knots of wind if we were lucky , ghosting (sic) past Hamlet’s castle at Helsingfors […]


From copenhagen Our arrival in Copenhagen was preceded by a spectacular dawn as we passed by the equally spectacular Oresund bridge which soars across the Sound between Denmark and Copenhagen. From copenhagen And so here we are in Copenhagen , the 5th capital that we have sailed into on this trip , ready to continue […]