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Our last week in Scotland was blessed with wonderful anticyclonic weather and the lightest of winds. Luckily we were heading down the Sounds of Luing and Jura , an area renowned for its strong tides, so rather than reach for the starter button we spent a couple of days tiding South , dropping a hook […]

Vikings , Rocks and Hard Places

From Views of the Hebrides Its now over two weeks since we started exploring the inshore waters of NW Scotland and we would need another 6 months to do them justice. I hadn’t realised just how sheltered these waters are. For just about any wind direction there are numerous sheltered bays and little island anchorages […]

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy

Summer has crept up on us . You don’t notice it at first , but the evidence is in little things like not objecting to a salad at lunchtime. Previously the mere suggestion would have brought about an attack of blue knees and chattering teeth! Not that knees had been much in evidence , but […]


One thing that is has become obvious over the past few days is the continuing cultural links between Ireland and the Hebrides. The landscape ( mountains , islands and blanket bog )is common to both , and of course their shared history from prehistory to the land clearances and emigration of the last two centuries […]