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Beware, Paradise has teeth!

We are back in English Harbour once more, having taking Ben and Steph on a nine day whistle stop tour of Barbuda and the wilder anchorages of Antigua. We had been worried that by recommending they meet us in Antigua they would not have such a good deal as our previous guests but this proved […]

Misleading Lights

Most of you will know that in their wisdom , the seafarers this side of the pond interpret red and green lights in completely the opposite way that we do back on “our “side , but as we found out there are still more coloured phenomena that can lead to confusion over here . Last […]

How to keep your shirt dry in the ( not very) Windies.

In Cadiz we met a nice Dutch couple who tried to dissuade us from coming to the Carribean as they had found it to be far too windy , and we would be much better turning left with them into the Mediterranean. Others who had sailed right around the world told us that some of […]

HMS Diamond Rock

At the South end of Martinique is a piece of Napoleonic history that , depending on your point of view might bring a patriotic tear to your eye or a feeling of disbelief at the folly of mankind . Martinique was held by the French , and the British fleet was based in Rodney Bay […]

The Turtle, the Fish, the Pelly and me!

The Grenadines have been a naturalists paradise . Offshore we have seen the elegant Tropic Birds , and as we move closer in it has been fun to watch Boobies and Terns feed on flying fish which in some ways are even more fascinating aerodynamically . Along the shore the Frigate birds bank , soar […]

Of whales and other tall stories

From Grenadine Medley Of all the Grenadine islands , there is one that stands out as being completely different. Mustique has long been the haunt of the rich and famous and is I think privately owned – or at the very least owned by a private company. Thus , when you land , there is […]