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On computers

Let me start by saying that computers have revolutionised sailing. With their help we can access levels of accurate weather forecasting undreamt of even 5 years ago. So, naturally enough part of  our  cruising plan was to get a sat phone and a modern computer and work them up in the same way that I […]

Pontius Pilot, Britney (Steers), the Milk Monitor….?

After much scratching of heads and a lot of drilling of stainless (cue 6 broken drill bits and a teeny weeny loss of sense of humour!) the Monitor wind vane is up and running – or reaching – and even beating! The instruction manual suggested a nice steady light to moderate breeze for the first […]


Have you ever struggled to read, or more importantly comprehend , Einstein’s theory of relativity? If you are anything like me it starts well but halfway through, my thought processes get ensnared in a sort of mental black Sikkaflex, with no solvent in sight, and I end up completely confused and missing the point completely. […]