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Getting Hot and Steamy in Finland

The Aland and Finnish archipelagos differ from those on the Swedish side in that the rocks are pink instead of grey, and cover a huge area rather than just the coastal fringe. It is said that you cannot trust the charts outside of the generally accepted routes, and so most vessels follow these . Every […]

Midsummer Madness

The bad weather we had expected turned out to be little more than a day of rain followed by a couple of windy days . The rainy day was spent in harbour stocking up on food , and the wind just made us choose more sheltered anchorages , of which there were plenty to choose. […]

Hot Rocks and Grey Docs

Either we have been exceptionally lucky , or summer in the Swedish skerries is one of the better kept secrets in the sailing world. For the last week we have been blessed with gentle anticyclonic weather. The sun gets up at about 3 am, so that by the time we emerge, the air is warm […]

In the Skerries

We are anchored in a lovely little pool in the skerries at the bottom of the east Swedish archipelago. It is completely calm , the sky to the east is blue , and to the west the setting sun is casting its yellow light on the pink granite rocks that surround us , bringing out […]