Abandon Ship

Abandon Ship

Rapid Exit

Anyone NOT dressed /wearing lifejacket– do so immediately

Watch below – pass up orange liferaft, 2 grab bags, portable VHF, EPIRB, flares (total 6 objects).

Check both painters tied on and on command – deploy liferafts to leeward ( except in fire) Port Watch take orange, Starboard plus skipper take Cannister raft .

If possible 2  crew hold liferaft whilst others roll in 1 at a time . If it is necessary to enter water – clip onto painter to aid swimming to raft. First in – go to other side , 2nd in assist with the rest of crew.

Number off . If all present  , cut painter , deploy drogue   secure door , if possible tie painters together – preferably with a weight ( winch handles?)  to create catenary.

Do not allow untethered swimmers to be alone – link arms/swim in crocodile.

Planned Exit

Skipper/watch leader designates the following tasks with following priority

  • Radio operator transmits MAYDAY on ships radio
  • 2 crew to pass up orange liferaft to deck crew who attach painter
  • 1 crew collects EPIRB , waterproof VHF and flares
  • 1 crew to pass out grab bags – one for each liferaft. If there is time
    • Collect  extra water and food
    • Collect  extra clothing/ sleeping bags
    • Collect documents
    • Collect First Aid Kit and torches