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More stuff that works , and some that doesnt.

I am now on fairly good terms with my computer!  There was a time when I never thought I would write that , but it would appear that our problem all along was that the e-mail programme was incompatible with Vista. The website guys wrote some new software and hey presto, it works. They have proudly […]

The River Guardiana

Festina has turned her back on the sea.  We are in fact some 25 NM inland , anchored in complete solitude . It is  just before dawn and there is no wind , and the only sound we can hear is the distant musical tinkling of sheep bells. In a minute we are going to explore […]

Vila Real de Santo Antonio

Today was just great! We left the Lagoon of Faro/Olhao soon after dawn , after another couple of days anchored there. To begin with there was not the faintest  hint of wind so we pottered on at 2 knots under engine vainly trying to tempt something – ANYTHING – onto my hooks, but with my usual […]

Squeeks and Leaks

Actually the word “squeek”  does not do justice to the sound – it was  more like metal being torn apart by some huge force – magnified 100 fold and resonating through the cabin every time we pitched and rolled in the swell. The sail to Villamoura should have been magnificent – but I spent it […]

Algarve – sublime or ridiculous.

Our first real stop was the lagoon just South of Faro/Olhao. Its a strange place, rather like a very large Newtown Creek with a city at the each end. It is our sort of place with very little paraphenalia of the tourist industry,  fishermen getting on with netting their Sardines and digging for clams, or […]

Lisbon – The Good , the Bad and the Ugly

The Good Its a bit dodgy having obsessions at my age . If I said that Lisbon appears to cater for my every need you would have every reason to be suspicious – except that in the case of this old saddo I am of course referring to my fascination with 18th  Century sailing ships […]

Where to now?

From La Corunna We’re off again – heading south later this week!