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Progress and parties on La Gomera

From Walking in La Gomera La Gomera is very much like a small Madeira . The mountains are spectacular , the walking is great and best of all you can get around by bus so that most days see a pack of yachties in the bus staion at 0930 , and trudging wearily but happily […]

Birds of Passage in La Gomera

It’s difficult to be bored in this harbour. Boats come and go, and there is a general air of preparation and expectation. Folk stagger by with can after can of diesel and water and rucksacks stuffed full of food. There is usually one or two crew up their masts busy repairing or checking and the […]

Atlantic islands pilotage

Well our forecast was nearly spot on. And it’s amazing how “nearly” makes such a difference. The wind came in 2 hours ahead of schedule – which in forecasting terms IS spot on, but it was from the W not the SW. This meant that our course was a beat, not a fetch. It also […]

Red Hot Hooters in the Canaries

One of the few disadvantages of getting off the beaten path in Lanzarotte and Fuertaventurta is that every so often you come face to face with a large scary person staring at you over an enormous pair of pendulous hooters – or worse. What makes it even more scary is that the owners of said […]

A Missed Opportunity in Gran Tarajal

Its the same each time. If we tie up for more than 24 hours we start to put roots down. The boat turns into a caravan that couldnt possibly float and the wind in the rigging of neighbouring boats howls like a banshee even though in reality its quite moderate. So after 3 days of […]

Lanzarotte reconsidered

We think this island is pretty special . Pass swiftly through the holiday developments on the South and East coasts ( and in all honesty they are neither huge nor particularly gruesome ) and we found ourselves in a unique place where even the agriculture has a sense of artistic style. Huge areas of land […]

Vela Latina

From Vela Latina Vela Latina means literally,  “latine sail” – but actually it stands for the organisation that runs races for traditional craft in the Canaries. Whilst in Aricife  ,we saw pictures of long slim boats with 12 beefy guys hiking like crazy to stay upright under a huge latine sail.  We were lucky enough that […]

…………..and Guilt on Lanzarotte!

It is 2 weeks since we  last tied up anywhere , so we headed for Marina Rubicon on the South coast of Lanzarotte. Just to the West of the entrance one of our American friends was lying comfortably to anchor off the beach  , but we headed in . The staff were friendly , the […]

An attack of envy on I de Lobos

I de Lobos ( named after the sea wolf – seal – rather than its land version ) sits just North of Fuertaventura and plum in the middle of  the complex wind acceleration zone between Fuertaventura ( strong wind in Spanish)  and Lanzarotte – and so in daylight is a pretty rolly place to anchor . […]


Arricife is I think the spanish word for reef, and we are anchored at the entrance to a complex and shallow passage between several reefs that eventually leads into a lagoon in the middle of the town . There is an old castle , built on the breakwater on one of the reefs, which saw […]

Different kinds of Migrants

We left Graciosa on a blowy  day , thrashing our way to windward through the straits between the island and the cliffs of Lanzarotte , before skeetering down the coast with too much sail , chasing after our new Austrian friends Edie and Claudia in their brand new cat. He was offered a reduncancy package which […]

The Yanks ride to the rescue!

From Graciosa (click on the link for more photo albums!) Over the last few months I have lost count of the number of interesting looking people that I have waved to as we sail or row past. Without exception they have waved back , usually with a friendly greeting. And that has often been it […]