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Lets ROCK!

From Bohuslan Geographically Southern Norway merges imperceptibly with the NW coast of Sweden ( known as Bohuslan), but there are several clues that you have crossed the border. Obviously the percentage of Swedish flags increase , whilst Norwegian boats diminish . Maybe the rocks are more pink and the archipelago is more extensive, but perhaps […]

Norway turns up the Heat

From Svenner Our progress along the South coast of Norway has been a gentle affair. When the the sea breeze has blown we have usually kept to seaward of the archipelago , but in between times we have pottered along the inner leads , marvelling at the myriad cabins that hide away in all the […]

Summer at Last!

Our plan on returning to the boat in Stavanger was to head round to the South Norwegian coast where , in summer , the temperatures are higher and the climate less windy. The continental high that sits over Russia and Poland in the summer tends to fend off Atlantic weather systems , at least that […]