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Fringe Benefits?

It is 3 weeks since we arrived in Shetland intending to do little other than pass through, but we have been entranced by the place and its people. It really is one of the nicest destinations for a cruising sailboat we have ever come across , with hundreds of fabulous anchorages all within easy reach […]

Still in Shetland

We have decided to stop here in Shetland and explore properly rather than rush on to the next place. It is a bit of a gamble in case the weather breaks but we think it is worth the risk. ¬†From a distance , the shores look grey and lacking in life, but go ashore in […]

Falling in Love with Shetland

¬† Our last port of call in Norway was Bulandet , an extraordinary collection of tiny skerries stuck out in the Norwegian sea , mostly interconnected with small bridges and filled with prosperous looking houses. Each one had a deep water mooring outside , often with a large trawler on it. There seemed a much […]

A Tourist Excursion and Viking Dreams

North from Stavanger the Norwegian coast consists of off lying islands sheltering inner leads , and from time to time the mainland is penetrated by deep fjords which have been tourist attractions since the late 19th century ( the Kaiser was on vacation in one at the outbreak of the first world war!) The further […]

Eagles , a Horse and some Fish at last.

With a fresh SE wind and the threat of rain to come , we fled north through ever grander scenery to the little town of Floro to await our friends John and Liv Cooper. Having friends to stay is always a bit of a gamble , especially in the confined space of a boat , […]