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The Hebrides

The last 7 days pottering along the E coast of the Outer Hebrides have been superb. Inevitably there has been the occasional day of wind and rain , but with the aid of Mr Grib we tuck ourselves in somewhere and have a lazy day , perhaps emerging for a wet blowy walk – but […]

Mid-summers day- warm and s-ticky.

Yesterday will stick in the memory for a long time. The sun shone ,the wild flowers covered the ground in a riot of colour and we climbed hills ,explored lochs ,admired the deer and photographed anything that tickled our fancy. If our muscles were unused to the exercise ,we made up for it by fanatickly […]

A Hebridean Meeting

In the 16th century Grace O’Malley may have made regular trips from the West Coast of Ireland to the Hebrides to pick up ( or occaisionally beat up! ) the local mercenaries , but she wouldn’t have been able to get out of Clew Bay on the night we left. It was blowing 25 with […]

Clew Bay – Shhhhhhhhhhhh , its a secret!

Imagine an archipelago with 365 islands to explore – one for each day of the year. To be ideal you would need several sheltered sounds with deep enough water to anchor at spring tides. Picture it surrounded by wonderfully picturesque mountains, and protected offshore by several bigger islands providing protection from the Atlantic swell, all […]

The Wild West

Two days tucked up in Dingle was no hardship at all ( at all!) –it gave us a chance to do all the little jobs that inevitably arise ,restock both our food and batteries (real and metaphorical) and best of all ,enjoy the craic. Most of the 200 or so pubs (!) advertise live music […]

An Old Friend

From Baltimore to Mizzen Head is a little paradise of islands , intricate channels and sheltered anchorages . All of it is within easy sight of the Fastnet rock , and even easier reach of any number of friendly Irish pubs where the craic goes on ‘ til the wee hours . Turn east to […]

Mr Grib bowls a googly!

Our idea this summer was to have no fixed idea of where we should go, other than a slight preference for Scotland or the West coast of Ireland. Mr Grib has of course taken up the challenge and delivered marvellous winds for South Brittany, which is of course the only area in the whole of […]