Mid-summers day- warm and s-ticky.

Yesterday will stick in the memory for a long time. The sun shone ,the wild flowers covered the ground in a riot of colour and we climbed hills ,explored lochs ,admired the deer and photographed anything that tickled our fancy. If our muscles were unused to the exercise ,we made up for it by fanatickly devouring the other kind of mussels which grow here in such profusion. It was so warm that I even wore shorts –which as it turned out was not a partickularly sensible thing to do.

Yes ,those lovely red animals with s-ticky things on their heads leave other kinds of s-ticky things on the surrounding vegetation which are only too willing to transfer their attentions to any passing bare legged Sassenach.

We did check ourselves at the end of our walk –but presumably without our glasses as today both Mike and I found we had several passengers of the creepy crawly variety. The girls seem to have been spared ,but they had been more modest in their attire ,and both took great delight in pulling ,or in some cases ,digging ,the wretched wee beasties out.

It was still a most fantastick day ,and it does mean that we have cleared up one little Highland mystery. Generations of Highland women have chastised their menfolk for walking in the hills bare legged ,using of course the traditional cry : “MacDonald ,where’s yer troosers!” And now we know why!

Having ticked that partickular box I have learnt my lesson. Henceforth I will be a s-tickler for covering up!

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