To Ushant and Scilly ’tis 250 Leagues

Festina continues to make good progress home with a gradually increasing SW wind ( currently averaging 22 knots) under her belt. There is a fair old NW swell giving a considerable cross sea , so we have definitely left our calm conditions behind us. Actually a “cross” sea is a very good description and as ever I am very glad we are not going the other way , but with small sails we are swooping along in relative comfort however grumpy the seas appear to be. Our only reason to be grumpy is that the rougher conditions appear to have swallowed the wildlife , and it is over 24 hours since we saw any cetaceans. We have even run ahead of our friendly Frenchman, although we did have 2 ships pass in the night , bound for Miami.
I cant quite get my head round the fact that the Fastnet rock is our nearest bit of land ( if you don’t count Finisterre) , and a full 110 miles closer than Belle Isle. I always regarded the Azores as being “just “ off the coast of Portugal , whereas in fact they are nearly in the middle of the Atlantic . Hence Ireland , way out to the west , is easily the nearest bit of northern Europe. We still don’t know where we will head for , and for the moment are riding this SW airstream in the general direction of the Channel , and when it runs out in a couple of days we will see where the next wind blows us.

Noon today finds us at 45 02N 16 47W , 530 miles from Ushant , 508 to Scilly , 153 miles noon to noon despite our small sails , and well over half way to wherever we end up. All well.

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