Email Update: Greetings from Biscay!

1200  BST 6/8/09
Lat 46 22.0N  Long 5 51.5 W

Greetings from the Bay of Biscay ! The wind is Northerly and has been gradually building from 8 knots and now up to 15 . Despite the light winds we havnt dared to use a kite yet as there is a really big confused swell from the NW which would cause a wrap – and so we are dribbling along under poled out genny and main . Amazingly we havnt touched a sheet for 12 hours and are more relaxed than we have been in months , sleeping well ,listening to music , and even playing back the video I have been shooting.
We were visited by a large familly of dolphins this morning – some of the smaller ones were very exuberent and entertained us for  ages with their leaps and barrel roles.
The sky has been consistently clear to our West and cloudy /rainy to our East. We are deliberately running down to the east of the rhumb line to stay in stronger winds – its almost as if we can see the high pressure ( sunny , but lighter winds) to our West and are running down the edge of it – which of course was the plan.Sounds a bit too good to be true!
If you are reading this , I have managed to get the sat phone and the computer to talk to each other , and you should be able to contact us by e-mail even at sea. Fingers crossed!

Updated position at our 2nd dusk at sea –
45 33N  6 28 W  All well.

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