Off again!

We left Mindelo at 1500 yesterday , squirting out between the islands and deliberatly taking the acceleration zone wind SW for some 50 miles before it died down This took us nicely South of the rhumb line which may help us avoid the worst of what looks like light weather for a few days. Still, we are not complaining as we are managing a steady 6 + knots under kite in 11 knots of breeze and the flattest seas we have seen since venturing in to the Atlantic. We have teamed up with a Bavaria 39 called “Brain of Pooh ” so as to give mutual cover in case of problems , but I think in this light stuff we are running ahead of them.

The couple who own it were childhood friends who got together  after one or both partners died. As kids they used to refer to each other as Christopher Robin and Pooh – hence the name of their boat (check it out but I think it was an umbrella which was used as a boat!) It was fairly hilarious however listening to him explain the name to a burly Cap Verdian policeman when applying for his exit stamp!

It really feels like the tropics, 29 degrees inside the boat and soaking wet outside at night because the air is so humid. The moon doesnt ever rise, but with no clouds we can see at night by the light of the stars. Magical.

Wind NE 11-16 kts – clear skies. All well.


  1. GOOD LUCK ! Happy Sailing XX

  2. Sounds wonderful!

    John and Liv Jorunn

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