La Corunna – the trip is on!

Unlike the song there was no gale and our stormy timbers are not rent – yet! In fact we had a delightful crossing  of the Bay and scarcely touched a sheet for the first 24 hours.
The plan formulated last saturday worked to perfection –  a NW to get across the Channel – a Southerly to move  us to l’Aberwrach – gentle breezes and a tide to take us to the Ile de Sein where we waited a tide until the first hint of Northerly arrived to take us South. This cruising lark is just like racing after all – except you can stop to wait for the shifts – far more civilised.
To begin with it was very rattly with light winds and a big confused swell from the low currently giving seven bells to the Scots ( about time too I hear you say – weve been entertaining the lows for far too long!) It was just the excuse we needed to NOT use the spinnaker ( it would have wrapped) and catch up on sleep.The plan was to stray east of the rhumb line in stronger winds and you could see all the sunshine to our west so perhaps it worked. At all events the kite was up for the second day , and as we aproached the Galician coast the wind built and we changed to twin poles and 2 headsails – ending up surfing down waves at 9 knots and never touching the sheets or even the helm.
The charms of La Corunna seduced us in  – easy perhaps as it was  blowing 23 knots with more to come off Finistere – so here we are trying to get our head around Spanish (  I did buy a language course but funnily enough there hasnt been much time to study it over the past month) and meeting up with all sorts of other greybeards from other countries blown in by the wind. For the first time it seems like our trip is on!


  1. Good to hear you’ve made it across Biscay. Heard a gale warning tonight for Fitzroy and Trafalgar – good excuse to carry on improving your Spanish for a day or two.

    Not much news here, except that England were well and truly stuffed by the Aussies. Fastnet got off to a slow start today – looks like a fairly quiet one ???

    Looking forward to Fireflies starting on Saturday.

  2. Congratulations!
    What progress! ….Is this going to be around the world in 80 days?

  3. Well done.

    Ella has just finished 9th in the 43 boat Topper Regatta fleet nationals. Not bad for her first real event. She scored a 4th and 5th on one day. Now we need to teach something about tactics!

    Looks like we have agreed a price for Polly, but i am sure Ben will provide the details.

    Good luck with the rest of the trip

  4. Good luck both of you, hope all goes well.
    Does this mean you have left lots of crew behind who are looking for a boat for next season!!?

  5. Er – well probably- but judging by recent activity you will have to join the queue! Also Ben has just bought Polly back so I suspect that loyaltys will be divided. How are you enjoying your lovely boat?

  6. Been sailing a lot with the family, have not done any racing this year, Want to do some off shore stuff next year, JOG, RORC maybe.
    Pam is expecting again and due in Oct, So think I’ll need a bigger boat!!

    take care

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