Homeward Bound

On our return to Angra do Heroismo after Bryonys graduation we found that the crowds had dispersed and it was back to its slightly sleepy, attractive old self. The sun was shining and it would have been very easy to stay for weeks , chatting to the fellow sailors that were lapping up the warm friendly atmosphere. Some were old friends who like us were returning back to Europe from the Caribbean. Others , obvious from their lack of tan , were on their way South or just doing a short circuit of the Azores and perhaps Madeira. According to the forecasts , wherever you were bound there wasn’t going to be much wind ,as the Azores high was plonked firmly on top of us and we looked like having to motor 200 miles North to get in to the Westerlies. Nonetheless we eventually tore ourselves away on Sunday afternoon and settled down to the last of our long passages.

Actually , this gentle start suited us perfectly as it would allow Bryony to develop her sea legs before the boisterous conditions that we anticipated later in the week. 24 hours later the conditions are certainly gentle and to our delight we haven’t had to use the engine at all , but instead are gliding upwind over the smoothest sea imaginable at nearly 6 knots . The wind is mostly Easterly with just enough swell to get used to sea going motion once more. The night treated us to a magnificent array of blazing stars , the cetacean count is already 50, and with 3 of us on board we clocked up 9 hours sleep each so as you can see life is almost too good to be true.

At midday our position is 40.5 N 27W , 120 miles N of Terceira and currently on course for Iceland! We have yet to decide where to aim for and might eventually head for South Brittany rather than come straight home as we don’t really want the adventure to stop. No doubt the winds will decide !
All well on board.

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  1. Hello Linda and Philip!
    We hope you are fine. We are often thinking about you and it`s nice to see on your blog you feel good. We wish you good luck for the last part of your cossing.
    Many greetings form Barnegat Light (New Jersy) from Edi and Claudia, Cul8r

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