We have now been anchored off Playa Francesca at the SW corner of Graciosa for 3 days. The bay is overshadowed by a volcanic hill ( mountain would be too grand  a term although it is definitely a volcano) of extraordinary colour. The SW face is  orange and deeply honeycombed rather like an enormous  crunchy bar. Areas of it are covered with a purple vegetation and the bordering face is deep yellow with dull green vegetation. The lower surfaces of the island are different shades of ochre with dry vegetation in little clumps and mounds and the whole thing just cries out to be painted.

From Walk to top of volcano , Graciosa

The island is pòpulated by surfers who camp out in an area next to the little port, which is just a collection of a hundred or so flat roofed white houses with blue doors and shutters . The streets are just sand except for the immediate area around the harbour and the major occupation of its inhabitants is sweeping the sand – but where to we dont know , as it just comes back 10 mts later.

The harbour is full , and precided over by a gentleman who just shrugs his shoulders if a problem arises . Apparently people only pay when he is there – if he disapears for a while , everyone stops paying . There are a couple of shops and a couple of bars , and alledgedly  a place where you can buy fish , although we think  the fisherman is on holiday as we cant find it.

Despite this chaos , we like the little town , and have made the 40 mt walk from our anchorage across the beautiful sandy landscape a couple of times already. I think we will try and come in to the harbour  in a couple of days time , if only to get our IT fix at the internet cafe . Once again , paradise tho the anchorage is , it lacks contact with the outside world – and yes I am aware of the contradiction in terms that is inherent in that statement.

So , until then , goodbye.

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