Don’t mention the K word!

We are no longer beating. Actually we are no longer doing very much apart from being thrown around by the left over waves which are coming direct from the Lizard and intent on destroying any forward motion we manage to generate.
The latest theory that has come from team WAFL ( With Alacrity/Festina Lente – geddit?- and thanks Ben, yes I am aware it works on another level as well!) is that we could get a sea breeze. In fact the cloud cover has slipped away and in the last ½ hour there is impressive cumulus activity building over the land.
And that is why we are hot footing it towards the land- or as hot footed as you can get in a Sigma in no wind and loadsa waves. Sign on after 1600 and see if we get it! I have a feeling its going to be a long day and night so its time to bring out our secret weapon. Chocolate coated coffee beans!

Oh , and the K word you are NOT going to mention. Suffice to say that retrieving one two handed in 80 metres would need an awful lot of the above mentioned secret weapon.

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