Day 7

We had another boisterous evening which gradually eased off through the night. There may be a pattern as there is a corresponding diurnal variation in atmospheric pressure and so we held our nerve and hung on to more sail. The forecast is for 13 knots today which usually means 18 ,so we set up with 2 genoas poled wing and wing , but are currently trickling along in only 10 knots! The alternative is to go for a spinnaker and sail the angles , but that would be a lot more work in the very rolly seas. I guess its like a marathon and a steady pace will get us there fastest.

We were planning a celebratory halfway supper for tomorrow evening but the current has been against us for the last 24 hours and is threatening to put a spoke in our plans. Hey ho , maybe we can have a special breakfast the following day as well.

15 45 N , 39 15 W All well.

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