After 22 hours

We are reaching in gradually decreasing SE wind, heading E of rhumb line to Bermuda to try to avoid a thundery low to our North and to get some easting in for when it blows hard from the NE in a couple of days time. Currently idyllic conditions – except it is very warm, but already the water temperature is dropping and I suspect that over the next few weeks we will look back with nostalgia on the concept of being hot!

I have been working hard at my astro nav – and appear to have cracked it – except that with the sun nearly overhead its quite difficult to get position lines that cross at a decent angle – so I really need to get a planet at dusk – which is described in the next chapter!

We left with our friends on Brindabella , but they are suffering in the light winds and are falling astern. I suspect they will catch up if it comes on to blow or if we have to motor. Two Swedish boats left at the same time , but have dissapeared off to the West , sailing the rhumb line course, so although it LOOKS empty , its quite a busy bit of ocean out here.

So greetings from Festina – once more on the ocean .Position at noon today 20.24N 63.47W 130 NM run . All well.


  1. Have a great trip, both yourselves and Brindabella.
    Stay safe and try to avoid the Bermuda triangle !!!!
    C2 xx

  2. Peter Slimming

    Very best wishes for a safe and enjoyable trip. Where’s your next landfall – Azores? Take care, I know you will!


  3. Have a good trip!
    Sailing season just started in Stavanger. We came in fifth (of thirteen) in our Albin Express last Wednesday.
    We are hopefully off to Orust for the Whit weekend – sailing with friends from Blackburn in their brand new Malö 40.
    Liv and John

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