3/4 of the way there!

Im not sure what we have done to deserve this. The seas are (relatively) flat, the wind is sufficient, and we now have a moon at night that gives you light you can almost feel through your skin as it pops in and out of the clouds. Festina trundles on with scarcely any help from us and we passed our 3/4 of the way  mark this morning. In short life is something close to idyllic.

Lynda has been marvellously busy making bread and flapjacks during her night time watches (its too warm to use the oven in the day) and I have been rather less succesful in trying to do the Astro nav. The sights are fine – its the maths that is proving difficult .

On the wildlife front Lynda once more had a tropic bird to welcome her at first light and I was treated to a spectacular display of breaching. Something, I think dolphin sized but it was a cable away so I cant be sure, kept leaping in the air and doing lazy somersaults and back into the water in an almighty belly flop that caused a huge splash. What was it doing ? Trying to impress the ladies, or just jumping with joie de vivre? My guess is that it was serious shock tactics to help herd a bait ball, as if it was just for fun I would have expected a posse to come and play with us, and we were pointedly ignored. Spectacular and fascinating nonetheless.

Midday Monday 26th (1500 UT) 13 57 N 51 13 W All well.

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