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Technolgy changes rapidly these days , and websites are no exception. For the last two years the active part of this site has been the Flying Lentil blog , but many people still use the Crewing for Dummies section as well as the Cruising pages , not to mention the links to HMS Belleisle , and the canoe building pictures. So browse there by all means - but if you are interested in what Festina is currently up to , the blog is the place to go.


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L a t e s t   N e w s :
  • The Flying Lentil is in the process of being updated to a "blog-based site " - which should be easier to to keep up with the water born activities of the Meakins family. Click on "Blog" to see how we are getting on.
  • Festina will be defending her national Champion title in May before taking off for another summers cruise - possibly to the Baltic.
  • Meanwhile the new site will have an updated "Crewing for Dummies " section as a reminder to us and reference for others of all the lessons we have painfully learnt over the years , as well as sections of other projects like Bens canoe , HMS Belleisle and the cruising mods we have made for when Featina is in short handed or cruising mode.
  • We also hope to expand the Pilotage Notes for all those interesting little places that most folk dont go to.



  Photo: © Ingrid Abery/hotcapers.com    
 Last Updated: Tuesday, 26 February, 2013