We’re off!

It’s a relief to be on our way , albeit with the wind acting off script ( the mother of all sea breezes giving us 25 knots thro the Needles Channel) and a missed tidal gate at Portland. Our furling headsail is fine up to 20 knots because we can keep it open – but as soon as we furl it its shape doews not match up to all the swish racers with their flat blade jibs. Nonetheless we caught up when they had to change headsails so as ever its swings and roundabouts.

Currently we are the most right hand boat in the fleet . We think the second most right hand boat is Chris Tibbs – so fingers crossed that we might get our NW shift.

Whether or not we do get it – we are committed to the inside passage at Portland. So the next hour or so should be fun- or disastrous.

I will let you know which one!

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