The rain in Spain falls mainly somewhere else!

After two days tucked up at anchor  in the Ria Muros with 25 knots of Northerly  whistling over our heads , the Azores high has sent a cousin to sit directly above us so that there is zero wind and 32 degree temperatures .We have yet to see a cloud since we arrived in Spain and the new tropical awning has been giving sterling service . Even the Spanish are wilting , so we have put a trip inland to Santiago on hold, reckoning that its best to be at sea.  

Actually we have come into a harbour – Pobra do Cariminal – to try and get  Solicitud de Autorizacion (!) to visit the Islas Atlanticas- several islands that act as natural barriers to the swell in these Southern Ria’s – and are exactly the sort of  wild places we love. The Rias themselves are anything  but wild ( and get more “crowdy” as we move further South ) – but it is high holiday season and the folk are friendly and Muros and Pobra are delightful . We now have to wait for e-mail confirmation of our secret password , which means more struggles with technology – but we are slowly getting to grips with that . Tomorrow there should be some wind so we will chill out  in some little bay or other , maybe try and improve our fishing score ( fishes are winning  by a country mile so far!) , and get back to the wild   places tomorow.

We THINK there is some sort of seafood festival here tonight – so are off  to find out !

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