Slow boat to Selvagem

Last nights plan sounded good . The forecast was for light and variable winds, becoming light to moderate NE after about 12 hours. We would poke our nose out of the harbour and if there was no wind, anchor just around the corner for 8 hours or so. If there was wind we would have
a slow and dribbly passage , arriving at the the Selveges at dawn 36 hours later, heaving to if we were a bit early .
Well there was just enough wind to lay our course  to windward and dribble along at 4 knots. Perfect. We were treated to a phenomenal sunset with the twinkling lights of Madeira adding a
Christmas tree effect , the swell was gentle and all seemed going to plan . Early this morning the wind began to build and Festina took off on a reach like a scalded cat. Our ETA for the island came tumbling down , until at 7.5 knots we could just about  get there at dusk tonight. Should we risk it? The pilot book talked about poorly charted  rocks and requested any visiting craft to supply more accurate lat and longs.
 That will be a no then!
 Which is how we find ourselves sporting just an over sheated No 3 , desperately trying to slow the ship down so we can arrive at dawn tomorrow. Slowing a boat down;  thats a first  for us and another part of our steep learning curve!
70 M N of the Selvagem Islands . All well. No hobgoblin !

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  1. Don’t worry Phil, no one here will believe you slowed the boat down. If you’re not carefull you’ll end up racing in the club (white sail) class like Implacable. Enjoying the read.

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