Seabreeze – what seabreeze?

Anybody looking at the tracker over the last few hours will have seen us make a radical move over to the North of the fleet, our course dictated by what would give us any speed at all in the chop rather than heading for any point. You then would have seen us take off like a rocket and assume that we had found our seabreeze.

Wrong! The sky cleared over Mounts Bay with the exception of some strange thin lentiucular clouds and all of a sudden we had 15 knots from the NW. And we had it first. So 5 out of 10 for team WAFL – 5 for a result but nul pointes for theory. Actually now I come to think of it I have experienced a sudden 30 knots from the NW in this exact spot out of a similar deep blue sky.
So, all of a sudden our tidal plans have to be brought forward a couple of hours, which means rock hopping round the point. There look to be a few boats trying it already up ahead so we can just keep outside the wrecked yachts and should be safe.
Only joking! And what will we find the other side of the headland ? Possibly a flat calm!
Stay tuned.

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