Email update: Chenal du Four

5/8/09 0900 – We are  passing through the Chenal  du Four in no wind . Yesterday was spent anchored off Carentec (of Oppie course fame) in the Bay of Morlaix, having wriggled  in there at midnight though trillions of rocks. Jaap and Fre and the boys were holidaying in the area so we had a day ashore with them – “ruinating “our diet with a typical Jaap sea food blow out -followed by a VERY wet sail to L’Aberwrach last night where we anchored for a tide. Biscay beckons and the wind looks stronger inshore for a while so we will head south into the Bay .We may go to La Corunna if the Northerly gale at Finisterre ,which is currently forecast for Saturday, actually appears. Havn,t got to grips with the satphone yet – hopefully will resolve that today as it looks as if we are in for a quiet spell.


  1. Jodie And Kerry-Anne at Blackthorn!

    Hi Lynda (and Phillip)
    Just to let you know we are keeping up to date with your trip and wishing we were there with you.
    We will pop back in tommorow for another update. (hope you are enjoying your books!)
    Take care. xxxxxx

  2. Following you each day so far- sounds great, what a life! Cranberry seems to be helping-Love Pam

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