Homeward Bound

Usually when I see the Fastnet light, its iconic shape on the horizon like a two fingered red Indian salute -( How!) – brings a lump to the throat. “How” indeed! Or why? Why some folk got round and others got left behind is a bit of a mystery. This time we were just too busy to pay it much attention beyond vaguely admiring the scene as the host of boats drifted up under kite in the new red dawn. I once did a regatta at La Trinitee where class after class was held up by a sea breeze front which suddenly passed through with the effect that 400 boats attempted to round the same mark at the same time. It was the first and only time I rounded a mark with fenders out on both sides! It was a bit like that at the rock but 11 hours into the Irish sea we have all spread out a bit.

Sadly we have spread out a bit too much . Was it really me who foolishly predicted light downwind legs that would suit our lightly laden boat. We have been power reaching in 16 knots and the piece of elastic which has connected us to Rapscallion throughout the race is being seriously stretched , whilst Persphone is appearing ever larger like an avenging angel on our port quarter. However even if the conditions are not favourable to our own little race within a race , it is champagne sailing requiring only one of us on watch so we are warm ,fed (!) and rested and waiting for the next little brain teaser which will await us at the Scillies , or the Lizard or indeed anywhere in the next 150 miles.

We may be homeward bound but there’s a lot of racing still to do.

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