Hard on the wind…

We are hard on the wind. That probably sounds pretty macho , and perhaps by tomorrow it will be , but for the moment we are dribbling along at 3-4 knots and if it wasnt for the fact that we would like to get somewhere , it would be very pleasant. The sun is directly overhead and HOT , so the boat is tuned for maximum shade . Lynda is asleep and I am sitting at the chart table where I get a nice draft from the window above my head , through which I can glance at the head of the genoa to make sure it is set to perfection. At present we are heading woefully short of the waypoint at Bermuda , and if we are headed much more we may tack and head for tha Azores!

Our second night was busy as we sailed through a thundery trough. Big cumulus pulled the wind this way and that , so that one moment we would be reaching off at 8 knots , and the next wallowing in no wind at all. We seem to be clear of that but the wind to the North of it seems lighter and more Northerly than forecast. However life is very pleasant and I suspect it will swing back again before long.

So at local noon ( 1600GMT) we send everyone our love from 22.08N 63.44W. All well.

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