Day 8

Another 24 hours under twin headsails . We reduced from the No 1 to the No 3 overnight after much umming and ah-ing , but mainly because Lynda was unwell with a headache and aching all over. For a while I wondered if the little dengue mosquitoes had nibbled after all , but a few more hours sleep than normal and a lot more fluid saw her much better today – so it was probably down to not drinking enough.

Ben asked if we were enjoying the crossing. After the charging problems I was certainly fairly tense , waiting for the next thing to go wrong but have relaxed now and feel very much at home.I guess its a bit like doing a rough passage to Brittany – you “enjoy ” the challenge but the real prize is the cruising ground at the end of it. In this case the sailing is infinitely more pleasant than bashing to windward in the Channel but we are still looking forward to those palm fringed anchorages. We are now thouroughly into the routine and that gradually takes over from the “are we nearly there ” mentality . Thus Lynda goes to sleep after the evening meal and I fuss around making sure the rig is correct for the night. We sleep alternatively until noon , and then tend to spend the afternoon together. A highpoint is the deck wash in the midday sun – a saltwater wash folowed by a brief fresh water rinse from the solar shower. No doubt it is not a pretty sight , but of course there is noeone out here to witness it other than a solitary long tailed bird that we think must have been a long tailed jaeger or skua.

Shortly after seeing this Lynda was asleep and I had my head in the bilge when there was a loud indignant squawk and a crash as if some large bird had laid an egg in the cockpit . I rushed outside but couldnt see anything and Lynda denies it was her , so I wonder if our Jaeger misjudged his flightpath?

Sometime this evening we should reach our halfway point and are planning a curry to celebrate . So until tomorrow , love from Lynda and me and Festina

15 17 N 41 36 W All well.

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  1. Well Done ! the miles are ticking by.

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