Day 6? – you’re kidding – weve stopped counting- its just what we do!

Well the blow has come and gone and the sun is out – but pleasant now like an English summer rather than the tropical heat further south. It blew and it rained , but most of all it bounced, and last night was particularly grim. We just sat “downstairs” in our shorts and teeshirts like a couple of troglodytes with occaisional donning of oilies ( what are they?) to get wet. There was no moon and total cloud/rain cover so it was pitchy black and Im afraid we waited until dawn to change jib and swap trysail for main with the result that we are lagging 20 miles behind our friends.

The steering column has developed a “clunk” ( what is it with us and noises?). We had it serviced just before we left , and whilst I am sure it will get us to Bermuda – I think we need to do some investigation before the next bit! Hey ho , this seems to be the cruising way of life – occaisional bits of sailing between boat repairs! The constant sweeping of the decks has left us sparkling clean on the outside – but with 3 dribbles on the inside to investigate when next we stop.

Lynda spotted a jelly fish with a sail on top! Not sure if it knows where its going – or only raises it if the weather forecast is favourable. Talking of which its time to wind up the Satphone to help us negotiate what looks like a light wind end to the trip.

So at noon on 13/5, its fine with light headwinds (!) Greetings from 28.10N 64.42W ( we are the ones next to the sailing jellyfish). All well .

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