Day 5 – 1/4 of the way there

At 1030 this morning ( 0830 UT) we reached the 1500 mile to go mark , which we have designated as 1/4 of the way across. Im not sure how I feel about it – is it “wow , we are really getting on now” , or perhaps , “golly , only a quarter!” Half way should have no such issues as there will be only 3 digits on the clock and counting down.

If there is a cruising sailors Nirvana , it has to be slipping along in 12 knots of breeze from just abaft the beam . It is effortless , fairly fast , there are no waves or splashes and if you dont have 1600miles to go its about as nice as it gets. This is what we have had since we dropped the kite at dusk last night , and over the last hour it has built to 18 knots or so which means we are crashing along at absolutely maximum speed . with one reef for balance , but otherwise still pretty perfect. My guess is that within an hour or two we will have 2 reefs and the no 3 and it will be “hang on tight , here we come !” We managed 140 miles noon to noon , and thats not bad considering we had less than 5 knots for part of that time.

All well.

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