Blow the Wind Southerly

It was the wind that did it. For the first time in a month it turned southerly and instead of the sharp cold bite that we have become used to, it enveloped us with a  warm gentle , almost Mediterranean caress and whispered into  our  ears “Take me North , take me North, take me North   …now!”

But we can’t ! Various bits of kit have winged their way to us and are now installed and ready to go – but we are still waiting for two adapters for the plumbing system before we can be up and running again. They were due this morning , but apparently the vehicle had a breakdown , or an accident or ran out of tax …. or something. Yeah , yeah , we have heard it all before , but the upshot is we have to wait for tomorrow, and 24 hours of warm seductive southerly has slipped through our fingers .

We were not in a hurry, we were happy to hang around this lovely place. I positively wallowed in the museum and its library , then really enjoyed the challenges involved in fitting the new calorifier. We have got all summer and no deadlines, so why worry if things take  a bit longer , we can wait…. can’t we ?

 Oh, who am I kidding? I may have been relaxed about it all at first, but that Southerly has got right under my skin and I can now announce that I am  officially bored with waiting for stuff to arrive. To compound my irritation there is a gnarly looking low on the horizon that is likely to confine us to Holland for a few days yet unless the wretched parts get here early enough tomorrow for us to catch the midday tide on the Waddenzee, which is itself some 3 hours sailing away, so that looks unlikely to say the least.

There’s only one thing for it: go to bed and batten down the hatches so that the delectable Southerly can’t get in to torment us, then start looking for that van in the morning.

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  1. Think you need to cross everything you have – for the parts; and continued southerlies.
    Think yourselves lucky you’re where you are; you could be stuck in the Solent with 30 knots, due to increase tonight and through tomorrow – reminds me a bit of last year – more fun on a boat though!
    Have fun
    M & L

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