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It is now a week since we arrived in France from the Azores. Bryony has gone home and the weather is much nicer down here in South Brittany than it appears to be back in the Channel. There is no reason to rush home so we decided to take our time and enjoy all those things we like about France ; the food , the markets , cafe life and the general boat friendly atmosphere of the region.
The problem is that after a year of operating to a definite plan , always moving onwards to the tune of the climate and its seasons , we feel in limbo and are inclined to just stay put. We are currently in the wonderful old medieval city of Vannes , at the head of the Morbihan , and stayed an extra night so as to go to a concert of Chanson Marins – sea shanties. If we were to stay another few nights there is a jazz festival here and the week after that a festival of classical music on the Islands of the Morbihan. I guess it was always going to be a bit of an anticlimax once we had finished the trip , especially as we have genuinely no idea what is next in store for us. We always said that we would get home before deciding where to go in life ( physically and metaphorically ) and I suppose part of the reason for staying around here is to postpone those decisions.
The weather is a bit of a shock .We anchored off the classic beach of Houat on a gorgeous sunny day , but the fresh breeze was so cold we had to put the tent up. After a year of wearing shorts and tee shirts one forgets about the Northern European climate! The other noticeable thing is the sheer number of boats around , and of course unlike the Caribbean , we are no longer the smallest boat in the anchorage.
We are going to move out this afternoon and blob at anchor in the Morbihan , as opposed to blobbing alongside the Quay at Vannes. Once we shake off this lethargy I suspect we will start to poke our noses into all the interesting places we missed on our previous busy , flying visits to the area. I guess we will eventually make it home , but until then , greetings from a happily blobbing Festina and crew.

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