Anyone seen the wind?

Its 0200 Wednesday morning and we are parked up off Cape Clear with no wind and the fair tide about to turn. The depth sounder reads 70 metres so please somebody send us a bit of wind to take us round the rock!

Rapscallion is just a few boat lengths away and Jamie is logged on to the internet . He tells us we are back up to 3rd in the two handed class , although if anyone out there has any wind , that may not last long! After long debate we decided to head for the shore in search of a land breeze. I have lost more races by adopting this tactic than I can remember – this reputed phenomenon being about as rare as the Holy Grail , but low and behold the afternoon breeze died to be replaced by an offshore breeze smelling deliciously of farmyard and we hoisted a shy kite and gained quite a few miles on those around us, and then came the great park up.

Presumably someone will turn the wind on again at some time , and it looks like a light downwind return home. On the way out here we have been at something of a disadvantage vis a vis the fully crewed boats who have been able to stack the crew on the rail and sail higher and faster. Now its our turn. Without 6 extra crew , plus kit food and water we must be ½ a ton lighter which must be to our advantage. It will also be a good excuse to make serious inroads into our stores to lighten ship still further.

If anyone is in touch with Nigel on Persephone , tell him to jettison his guns and throw his water overboard- were coming after him!

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