A shift too far?

The whole fleet spent this morning heading SW in anticipation of a backing wind. When it came it wasn’t enough to clear the Lizard so we hung on but the next shift was far more than we were expecting so I fear we have overstood. The early tackers were risking being trapped for a tide East of the Lizard , but unless we lose some of the Southing in this breeze I think most of them will get round. On such decisions are these races won and lost!
We however are crashing along at 7.2 knots , 50 miles ESE of Lands End , just off the wind and barring some unforeseen calamity will be far enough South to not be too badly affected by the Lizard tides and confused seas. I suspect we are in for a windy and rainy night and then all sorts of fun and games in the Irish sea with the wind going light and round in circles. Plenty of snakes and ladders there then and the race is far from lost.
Festina may have temporarily morphed into a racing boat, but one tradition is being upheld: we are eating for Britain and should weigh as much as a fully crewed boat by the time we get in. The chocolate locker alone would feed the crew of a superyacht.
We have no idea how we are getting on. There are some big boats around us , but we know Persephone is ahead. Rapscallion came across Lyme bay abeam , but she tacked earlier than us and may be further to the West now. Hopefully the boats will come together at Lands End and that will give us a better clue how we are doing. Meanwhile we are trimming ( and eating!) for our lives and having a great time!


  1. Truly enjoying watching the virtual race updates and cheering you on from our armchairs. Thanks for the update! Choceur (dark) with hazelnuts?

  2. Go the Lentils – You’re doing brilliantly. Only that dratted Persephone of London about 4 miles ahead and she’s fully crewed. Biting nails for you here downunder. Tonight is going to be the one that counts – hang in there.
    Take care
    John & Fiona
    P.S. see you in Hamble 2nd week of Sept

  3. Good going Super Skippys! Pedro and the rock-hopping donkey is waiting at the rock with obligatory ice-creams!

    Sail safe!


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