80 miles to the Rock

Well , we had our blow. Nothing to boast about in the great scheme of things –but a solid 25 knots for 7 hours and a period of steady 30 will always test you at night. Luckily for us we had moved away from the disturbed seas around Lands End and to begin with at least it was from just aft the beam , so with 2 reefs and a partially furled genny she flew across the building seas at 8.5 knots. Spare a thought for Will Sayer in Elmarleen , he would have copped it in the rough area , and I bet there was plenty of technicolor yawning going on elsewhere around us.
Not on the good ship Festina however! We ate a good supper and have both caught up on sleep as downwind with small sails the autohelm copes fine and on watch we sheltered from the rain in the bubble. Once the sea built it was a bit faster if we helmed , and now that we are back on the wind it definitely is – but we are warm , refreshed , and ready for anything.
Dawn this morning brought the dolphins , revelling in the rough waves and our (relative) good speed. I wonder do they try and play with Banque Populaire as she blasts along at 30 knots? There were lots of youngsters in this family , which I hope is a healthy sign.
We “borrowed” to the North of the rhumbline in anticipation of a big veer later today. But when , and how much – ah , that is the question and we are hoping Mr Grib is more accurate this time. As I write (0930) the sun has come out , the wind has veered 10 degrees and we are back to full sail.
Now , where are those breakfast sausages?

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